Poetry Prompt # 1: Panem and Circenses

For the Monday poetry prompt we have the first line given…

Panem and Circenses

The sound of screams echo everywhere

Hysterical laughter intermingls here and there,

I look around and wonder …

Reflecting I think:

How strange we are…

Seeking out fear and adrenalin.

The Romans entertained the people

With panem and circensis.

Yet, there’s no gladiators for us

Nor  public hangings…

We’ve films and TV

That works so well for the masses…

Our low-priced fast-food meals

Covers for Panem…

But sometimes we need

Real excitement – a rush of fea r…

Ah – a rollar coaster’s might do …

The sound of screams echo everywhere

Hysterical laughter intermingles here and there.


5 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt # 1: Panem and Circenses

    • Pretty darned close to hangings and lynchings…we haven’t really gone that far along…we rationalize alot, but basically, we’re still there. And thanks for the compliment too!


      • Ah…but we have become sophisticated…no pitchforks for us…I was surprised when I was last home. My brother-in-law showed me the gallows that were still in place in a small town in Southern Illinois…he said the last public hanging had been only a few of decades ago…


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