Free Verse: Oneiric Carousel

oneiric carousel B/W

Spinning like a crazy top…
Colors blur to black and white.
(Lost perspectives)



The rush of adrenalin:
Mistaken for fulfillment…
As I twirl around drunkenly,
On a cosmic oneiric carousel.

Manic laughter rings through the air…
Distorted music pumps my heart-beat.
(Lost perspectives)



The crazy rush of exaltation,
Mistaken for passion, whilst
Twirling around and around…
On a cosmic oneiric carousel.

The spinning soon decreases…
From the heights the Earth tumbles inwards
(Lost perspectives)



The sad remnants of a cosmic high
Mistaken for melancholia
As the twirling motion abruptly stops…
On a cosmic oneiric carousel – called life.

© G.s.k ‘13


11 thoughts on “Free Verse: Oneiric Carousel

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  2. (Lost perspectives of the important things of life)

    yeah somehow I doubt it bast 😉

    “Meditation!” <—- what if we started bick-ram Naked-Hot medition classes… like the yoga. Who's IN!

    haha. bast, that was an incredible poem keeeeeep going.



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