Just a note: May 13, 2013


Good morning world, or what may look like afternoon from my side of the globe!  This has been a full week and a lot of fun as well as instructive…let us begin! Again!

Alas, I hit the wrong key and zap! I lost all the work I’d done on this post…oh well…things happen; so now I sit and hit “save draft” every 5 seconds right!

This photo is the photo I used for this mornings Haiku…it expressed the feeling I had right then….dark, but, you know, there’s always light somewhere!

Now to move on…

This week I wanted to talk about the great awards and rewards of blogging.  First of all a little stats: I’ve just been informed that 203 people have decided to follow this blog a big 😉 along with 30 people over on my Facebook page…last week I had my best like day since I began blogging: 65 likes…and as of this very moment: 3,124 people have had a peek.  I’m a happy camper as my sis would say!

The Awards:

This week I’ve been nominated for two awards, actually old friend awards…seems I give off a glow of Sweetness and Light…not a bad image, just as no one mistakes me for Mary Poppins!!!

Thank you PhoPort for nominating me for the Sunshine Award from PhoPort , I’ll try to live up to Ra’s expectations of me!

And many thanks to Sweetness6645 for her nomination of the Sweet Bloggers Award.

I’d like to dedicate these two awards to all of you who follow and comment on by blog…you deserve the awards for being very sweet and sunshiny people.

Bloggers and Blogs:

Thanks to Sahm I came across this very interesting blog/blogger Runningfatherblog   featuring a very interesting writer (the running son) who’s experimenting at this moment with poetry… Oneiric Carosel that I wrote last week was inspired by  New Poem   which I had interpreted in my own way and according to my mood that morning.  Yesterday, he came up with this poem:  Creation landed on my sill I liked it very much and above all it reminded me of DaDaism which inspired  Hiku Dada which I had a lot of fun doing.

Abbey Gallagher…a young student wrote this moving story about a child in a concentration camp…it’s a very moving story of the cruelties of stolen childhood…and think not my dear friends that these things are no more. I’ve read several of her stories and I’d invite you tot do the same!

Lively Sceptic  wrote this great post about her travel along the roads of life…she is full of the most original ideas and her life search has taken her on many paths…have a look!

About the E-book

The E-book!!!  Read the link…did so? Yes? Ok then it’s official our friends over at The Drunk Poet’s Society are putting together an anthology which should be published on the 31st of August!   I’m particularly excited because Bastet will also be part of the anthology and publishing date is dear to me, the 31st of August is my youngest son’s birthday!  So in the near future, there will be an addendum of my front page dedicated to who Georgia is…

Papy’s blog hop. I thought I’d ping this newsletter to  you Papy for your blog hop!  Great idea!

About Challenges and Prompts

I’ve been finding the daily and weekly prompts very useful to stimulate my way of looking at thins, and yes an inspiration!  Even if I don’t write daily using their prompts…I’ve found that they’ve been food for reflection any way.  My favorite is the weekly photo challenge:  The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is ‘Pattern’ as you can see this week we look for patterns!  I thought it might be difficult, but I looked through my archives and put this together…I mean these are patterns, but I’d never thought about them in this way!  The Post is entitled; Kengiro Azuma Scultor in Matera,  Italy 2010   would you like to tell me what you think…I’d be happy to hear your comments!

About Special Bloggers

This is dedicated to those special bloggers who have helped, in one way or another to better my posts…these are just a couple of examples

Study in Agoraphobia was a post I put up last week…and though I liked it I realized that it lacked something.  One of my first followers, whom I’ve come to think of as a friend made a very useful comment which changed the story in a very positive way (you can see the comment and the story in the link)…she’s Barb Taub (who has sold her book! A great big congrats on that!

Another blogger: sustainabilitea in the same story pointed out a fundamental error, I’d forgotten to change my male character’s name to his new Italian name later in the story creating not a little confusion!

A special thanks to these two wonderful ladies…yes, useful criticism is a very wonderful thing…it helps you grow, and these ladies even know how to do it kindly!  What a boon for me!

My proverbial bad spelling!

Alas, alas…I’m infamous for my strange typos…and my spelling errors…I have a tab always opened to google so I can instantly check words out as I’m writing!

The other day I saw a very nice article on grammar…I reblogged it and I spelt grammar….grammer.  Grammar Police and Christopher Margolin  very nicely pointed this out to me…I’d probably still be going around writing grammer for the next 20 years (if I’m still around) but then you might just see me spelling it that way again in the not too distant future!

ladyofthecakes  is a very nice lady who had a peek at my Front Page and she fished out a couple of my spelling errors for me, whilst giving me her delightful comment (and which I’ve corrected).  Thank you very much Lady of the Cakes, that was really sweet of you and I appreciated it.

An answered question

Last but not least I’d like to thank the Crankycaregiver  (who has also been with me from nearly the beginning and I consider a friend) for answering my question on:   Simon’s Love Letter and the Missing Tooth she also sent me a great link for the Campananowrimo.org…who knows, I may want to write a novel!

Have a nice blogging week you all! And don’t forget to save!!!

12 thoughts on “Just a note: May 13, 2013

  1. And, I consider you a friend also, you sweet thing! Thanks for the kind words…and the smiles I got reading this post! You deserve those stats! Keep writing and they will come! 🙂


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  3. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet and commented:

    Well the poltergeist are doing some very strange things over here at Bastet and Sekhmet…now this post wound up between my poem Burbling Life and What if…..Wednesday #7, I mean it’s been posted last Wednesday already???…so am I being hacked or what????


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