On Carpe Diem

Has it ever happened that you suddenly seem to be surrounded by an incredible cycle of coincidences?  I mean how often do people go around saying or writing: Carpe Diem…

1) I said to a blogging friend the other day, that the best thing to do  in order to photograph wild animals is to walk around with his camera and then Carpe Diem (or something like that anyway).

2) I came across an article not 5 minutes after he’d asked me what Carpe Diem meant…it was about a very nice strawberry champagne cocktail called Carpe Diem…of course I linked to him.

3) Twice that same day…2 other people who knew nothing about this conversation came up with a hearty Carpe Diem during two separate conversations…

4) I just read a lovely Haiku and…yes! Carpe Diem once again.

Could this be global Carpe Diem week????

And here is my Haiku:

Believe it or not…

All the world’s saying this week

 a loud Carpe Diem!!!

(And it’s not a bad idea either)

8 thoughts on “On Carpe Diem

  1. Dead Poet’s Society with Robin Williams. One of my favorite movies. Carpe Diem plays a critical role. I rarely think of the phrase though and when I do it’s with frustration that I am unable to Carpe Diem.


    • Loved the film myself…which is why I call our friends the Drunk Poets Society and have created a category where I put the work I’ve done for them…Carpe Diem!


    • Funny thing most people don’t use them…they were popular a few years back because of a film “The Dead Poet’s Society” with Robin Williams…I think you’ll see in the comments below. I living in Italy already knew the words and the concept behind it…but this week’s run of coincidence was really weird! 😉


    • ???? Conjunction of Saturn with Venus as Mars passes in the whatchama callums giving rise to the thingymagigs…etc. Maybe it’s just Carpe Diem!!!! LOL 😀


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