Just a note: May 13, 2013

Well the poltergeist are doing some very strange things over here at Bastet and Sekhmet…now this post wound up between my poem Burbling Life and What if…..Wednesday #7, I mean it’s been posted last Wednesday already???…so am I being hacked or what????

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library


Good morning world, or what may look like afternoon from my side of the globe!  This has been a full week and a lot of fun as well as instructive…let us begin! Again!

Alas, I hit the wrong key and zap! I lost all the work I’d done on this post…oh well…things happen; so now I sit and hit “save draft” every 5 seconds right!

This photo is the photo I used for this mornings Haiku…it expressed the feeling I had right then….dark, but, you know, there’s always light somewhere!

Now to move on…

This week I wanted to talk about the great awards and rewards of blogging.  First of all a little stats: I’ve just been informed that 203 people have decided to follow this blog a big 😉 along with 30 people over on my Facebook page…last week I had my best like day since I began blogging:…

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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