Free Verse: A Ladder to the Sky

Leanne Cole in her post yesterday, had a delightful suggestion: “After my post last week quite a few suggested the idea of doing some fairy tales, or writing short stories to go with the images.  I am also open to the idea of poems as well.  I know that a lot of writers follow my blog, so how about you go through the photos that I have posted from the bluestone that belongs to Deaf Children Australia and write something in response to what you see?”

So I thought I’d have a go this morning with a short poem that came to mind when I saw this photograph…I hope you and she enjoy it!  (I’d like to try a story in the near future…these photos are really a treasure trove of inspiration!)

A ladder to the Sky

Once upon a dreary life

I walked among the forest deep

Not knowing what to seek

Not knowing where to look

Lost by the call of Lorelei…

Then came to me a dream of light

A ladder to the sky

And swelled then in my heart a thought

Of where I should have been.

So left I then the weary path

To seek a different view

Came then I upon a special day…

Of sun and brilliant yellow hue.

And found I there a ladder, but noted

A barrier there seemed to be

A hatch impossible to open

But then I found the key,  and the key was me.

Of sunny days and darkest night

All paths we travel differently

Each one to choose sometimes with delight

Sometimes with terror sometimes with fright.

No path is ever better

No path is ever perfect

Each child of Earth must wander

Each one of us must search

Until we find our intended goal

And what we should have learned.

Then, when we come to journey’s end

I wish that we might say with a happy sigh

I walked upon this Earth my friends

Oh what a delight it was.

9 thoughts on “Free Verse: A Ladder to the Sky

    • Glad to meet you G.D.and congratulations for your book! Thanks for your compliments! I love to seek out and share with new writers…hope you have a great time here on W.P. and I will drop by soon! 🙂


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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