Free Verse: Having Fun With Oxymorons

modern medievalFree Verse

Having Fun With Oxymorons

Have you ever met this riddle

As you’ve walked throughout your life?

A pessimistic optimist,

A materialistic mystic,

Prejudicial towards tolerance,

And realistic dreamer…

A sedentary sportsman,

Ecological consumer

Not to speak of fighter for peace and

Silent conversationist!

A hunter and animalist…

A pragmatic idealist not to speak of

A male feminist.

An international nationalist

A capitalistic socialist

And just to top it off…

An organized anarchist.

My friend the oxymoron,

Walks the world among us,

And it might well surprise you to find

He’s hidden everywhere even in your soul.

Now tell me my dear friends

what do you think now of my


Have you any more examples?

Please share them here with me,

If you can spare the time,

At that point we will read them and decide

Maybe agreeing to disagree!

17 thoughts on “Free Verse: Having Fun With Oxymorons

  1. Fantastic. I would have stopped after ‘he’s hidden everywhere,’ seeing as you already posed an extensive question at the beginning(have you ever met this riddle?). Love it.


    • Ah…and I was tempted to do so…but it seemed only half dressed…somehow, I don’t know something like an English lesson…but just for fun I thought I’d turn it into a serious game! 😉


      • 😀

        I have an optimist and and a pessimist in me, too. They converse a lot.

        There are other pairs as well. Finding my personal golden middle path (oh, how boooooring that sounded when younger) is a central (:D) theme in my life.


        • 🙂 know about the Booooring part…but the middle road is a good road…it’s nice to be centered and accept both our sides…we are all oxymorons in the end if we’d just think about it a second…yin and yang live together inside every human being.


    • 🙂 Aren’t they everywhere! This was a lot of fun to write, for some of the examples all I had to do was think about myself! Glad you liked it!


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