Free Verse: In Answer to Moses Hides

Moses hides

Ah and so it was
as days became years
years became eons
long long ago

the young became old
believing in dreams
they wanted to trust
asking no questions
just telling lies

casting off wisdom
to others
hoping that someone
would build the tower
in difficult times

refuge they thought
from falling fortunes
never thinking to do this
without kindoms or nations

looking to others
to lead them
show them the way
selling their children
selling their birthrights
for birthrites

so’s not to be bothered
making hard choices
they dispossed themselves
then lamented
as tyranny grew

I heard the sad story
that you told in your lay
of the land of the people


Moses resides.

9 thoughts on “Free Verse: In Answer to Moses Hides

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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