Poem: The Black Cat’s Vacation

Cat's Vacation b_wWell…on Monday We Drink Because We Are Poets decided on an original prompt:  present a handwritten poem…well original for 2013 anyway!  I’m afraid that between one thing and another, I forgot to send anything in.  I think it was Freudian actually as I prefer to type than to write. Anyway, Sahm said I was still in time, so here is an old drawing I did many long years ago, I scanned it then wrote out a poem about the Black Cat’s Vacation…hmmm…should have been Black Cats’ Vacation, but who’s going to squeal on me…

This is the original drawing:

Black Cat's VacationWell, as you can see, it’s pretty old and I framed it and wrote the title today with Picasa!

4 thoughts on “Poem: The Black Cat’s Vacation

    • It comes from way back when, in my Melotti years (a sculptor from Rovereto, Italy originally…as you can see cats were with me then too. 🙂 We used to make up the black catses (hope no grammar cops are around) when our son was growing up…to be substitued by The Adventures of Sheriff Ant (he’s the son that I read the Lord of the Rings to when he was 3 years old…he loved it!)


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