Photography: Help! Need some suggestions!

A few weeks ago for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture, I posted some pictures by the artist, Luciano Neri.  They were photographs made by a professional photographer, Adriano Frisanco.

Since then, I’ve been asked to try to photograph some of his newer collages but this time on mirrors!  Yesterday’s post for the Challenge was my first result…great photo, love it, but not what I wanted at all!

Here are three trials of another of his collages (some call them installations on glass, some call it minimalist art, he calls them “i quadri” or the pictures.  By whatever name a rose, here are the trials:

piccolo principe - flashThis is with the flash mechanism…it has a white sheet on the floor and is slightly inclined to reflect the sheet.

piccolo principe without flashThis is the second trial without the flash, always with the white sheet on the floor.

piccolo principe reflecting wooden floorAnd this is the third trial…reflecting the wooden floor.

What I’m trying to do is bring out the objects whilst showing the mirror as a mirror.

My question is: how would you photograph a mirror and keep its mirror like qualities but still show the objects that compose the picture?  Could retouching work somehow to help keep the mirror’s quality?

I’d be much beholden to you photographers if you can find some time to send along some suggestions. Maybe you’ve already had the experience of photographing mirrors?

Thanks and have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Photography: Help! Need some suggestions!

  1. Firstly, I’d use natural lighting if at all possible, that way you don’t have to worry about glaring or flaring from the flash. Second, shoot from an angle (as it looks like you’re doing). Third, your last one is your best one, IMO, and I think it’s because you’ve eliminated the additional materials. The wood isn’t taking so much away from the mirror-like qualities. Is there some place where you can shoot the mirror that might reduce that further, some place where you can minimize, as much as possible, the amount of objects being reflected? I’m thinking like how one would shoot a photograph of a bathroom mirror or a hanging mirror in a living room, or some such. I think you could pull out the qualities of the mirror itself, and how you angle your shot will determine how much you pull out of the objects. Making a makeshift frame for it might help, too, if it’s possible. If it has to be enhanced, there’s a trick that can be accomplished in Photoshop (that I know of) that *might work.


  2. Thanks Sahm…I’ll try to see if I can’t put it on a wall that reflects a wall…been thinking of trying to put it in front of a panel and I agree no flash. I’ve also got an artist’s easle or two that I could try mounting it on and shooting it at an angle…while it reflects the wall. That might bring out the three dimensionality of the picture too. I personally liked the last one myself better, but the artist not so…he says you can’t see the picture for the wood…play on words intended. I’m afraid the three dimensionality is not transmitting, alas he’s right. So maybe yes..I’ve got to find a way to enhance those objects too.


  3. Now I see what you are trying to do Bastet. Lay them on black poster board (the black background will take away all other distractions) with no direct light from above. Place lighting from the sides as low as possible and shoot from above. If that shows your reflection, then shoot from an angle just enough to remove your reflection. Also watch for reflections from the ceiling.


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