Free Verse: Awe!

Free Verse


A thought

an idea

is the person I am now

the person you see?

The woman who


in far away lands

the child that I was

is she still me?

Am I but a


of many stories

many chapters

of book

yet to be written

the memories

the history

which needs a voice?

And the narrator


trips through my thoughts

is it me


or some

alien entity



my soul?

And you that once knew me

but never knew me at all

saw but

a parenthesis

of the all

that is this single person

this me.

I think

of all



who walk this fine planet

all the stories

all the poems

which may never be written

and I stop here in awe!

2 thoughts on “Free Verse: Awe!

  1. I hope it doesn’t sound cheesey but, I am in awe of your poetry, dear Bastet. This is is a remarkable poem that sings of a soul’s hardship and determination, a reverie of regret that must be rewarded and be given an audience. There was so much i liked about the poem that I can’t begin to tell you what a heartbreaking delight it was to read, you are a library that I would happily devour, every poem another page of wonder. I am certain many will relate to this, pal. Bless you for sharing and thank you. Please allow me to reblog, hugs from Baldy 🙂


    • It would be a privilege to be reblogged by you! I’m without words dear friend! I have just read Shainbird’s poem Eulogy for a Memory and thought back on this poem I wrote this morning…how marvelous the world is…hugs to you too! Bastet 🙂


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