What is “We Drink Because We Are Poets”?

Jittery Joes

Over the past few months you’ve all seen me do prompts, I love them…they stimulate my, let’s say elderly brain…but one place I’ve visited and written for consistently has been for We Drink Because We Are Poets.

What, you might say is a goody two-shoed granny like me doing in a place like that,…well if you’re asking, then you haven’t read my Front Page!

This is one of the most stimulating sites I’ve found since I began to blog 6 months ago.  In the beginning, when I first visited it…they were in the middle of a poem a day challenge.  I thought I’d have a go at one of their prompts: and so from Palindrome to Anagram…from Haiku to Les Sept Arches I worked my way back into a world I’d thought had become extinct to me: Poetry!

With the end of a “Poem a Day”, short story prompts were added, after Papi and Sahm asked us what we’d like to do.  Yes this blog (originally administered by Papizilla from The Ranting Papizilla and Sahm King of The Arkside of Thought, now with the additions of MT BLU at MT BLU – Life and Love and Lilith Colbert at 5 Degrees of Inspiration,) is about the followers of the blog not the administrators.

Here you won’t find stuffy, pompous prompts…we’re in a Fantasy Tavern of stimulating intellectual fun!  Their features are great…they keep us up to date about other blogs and bloggers…their reviews and portraits of writers are stimulating AND now they have invented a great contest too which will be running from the 1st of June until the 30th of August (go to the site for information or click my reblog). And there is so very much more!

Ah…but you say strong drink bother’s you (well coffee and green tea can keep you awake at night, just like all those prompts!)  and that naughty language can be seen every once in a while (oh damn!)…well, if that’s your problem, what can I say…I’m sure you’ll be able to find a hermitage or monastery somewhere that might fit your bill!

As I said, this is like going to a Fantasy Tavern…with dragons and orcs not to speak of some great bloggers who write fantasy and fiction like King Midget Ramblings (who’s just created a blog for self publishers and for  others who just might be interested in that sort of stuff) or Legends of Windemere who has published two fantasy books as well as a fantasy-poetry e-book and our dear Baldy who is both Poet and Fantasy World Master Creator (and between you and me a philosopher or two, like Running Son at the Running Father Blog).

Many have been mentioned and extolled in this fantastic Tavern, none have disdained their praise…few have returned the favor…so I say to you lovely people and awesome friends…come by and have a drink of the nectar of happiness…get your brain stimulated…shake out the cob webs! And say: We Drink Because We Are Poets if someone asks what you do, because you needn’t write poetry to be there!  Now you know!

Have a nice day and feel free to reblog so others will get to know about this wonderful site!

24 thoughts on “What is “We Drink Because We Are Poets”?

  1. Let me be the first to reblog this! Because of you and this great site, I am getting out of my comfort zone and writing pieces in answer to some great prompts and meeting some extreme bloggers! I’m having a blast here…keep up the good work, Georgia!


  2. I haphazardly stumbled upon “We Drink Because We Are Poets” and I have as a result taken to writing prompts… I never did writing prompts before… I’ve never been good at writing someone else’s line of thought, but some of the prompts on “We Drink…” have just clicked in my mind… it really is a good blog… it has also introduced me to a few good writers out there and for that I am grateful…


    • Thanks for sharing….I agree it’s a great blog and so I thought to try and bring it to some other people’s notice whom like you would have to rely on a chance happening otherwise…agree, they come up with perky prompts that are very stimulating!


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