Poetry: Trail one: Palindrome – Padova Market

We create our own prompt today at We Drink Because We Are Poets and so I wanted to try a Palindrome again!

Vegetables tempting,
Colors excited eyes
Walking the Market, Piazza Erbe, Monday:

Three carrots, a yellow bell pepper and a zucchini he bought,

Monday, Erbe Piazza, the Market walking…
eyes excited:  colors
Tempting Vegetables;

12 thoughts on “Poetry: Trail one: Palindrome – Padova Market

    • Thanks Shainbird…I find that palindromes are a challenge, it’s difficult to make them come out with any meaning…and I’ve read that in our times, the English speaking world is the only place where palindromes are still attempted (Bill Bryson: Mother Tongue) basically because our language rules are so very versatile! I’m glad you liked it! 😉


        • Oh yes, I speak Italian 23 hours a day and read in that language too…but I don’t write in Italian…I need too much editing, it has strict grammar rules! Poetry is everywhere here…we have everything from rap to nonets and the ottava rima etc, …people favor rhyme (it’s really easy to rhyme in Italian!) but free verse is abundant. Of course they also translate poetry from other languages…but basically people prefer their poetry with music. Do you speak Italian? 🙂


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