Power Short: Virtuality

my screen

Her Skype was be bo beeping, she answered breathlessly.
“Hello dearest heart!
“Oh! You’ve changed your hair style, I really like it!”
“Thanks and I added some blue too!”

After a short while, their passion flowed through cyberspace.  Finally they fixed an appointment for their next “date”.

“Good night, my fair love!” He sighed.
“Good night, my bonny lad!” She blew him a kiss.

Coming out of their studies, they smiled blissfully.

“Thank you for a splendid evening.” She said and they went to bed.

(Virtuality third definition)

N.B. Power Short…a story in 100 words or less with a surprise ending…I learned of them from Rick Mallery


11 thoughts on “Power Short: Virtuality

  1. Good one, Georgia.

    Reminded me of young lovers sitting in different tables in the same restaurant and messaging each other.

    “Papa is looking,” she says.
    “My Mama does not approve of you,” he texts back.


    • Great! I hadn’t heard that one yet. I was imagining my couple actually living together, maybe married. It’s a strage place we’re living in recently.


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