Poem: idle hands


fingers on keyboard

waiting for some input

but nothing’s coming,

idle hands wait patiently

as brain is still asleep

some say that idle hands

are the devil’s helper

sometimes I think that

people just say the first thing

that pops into their head

my fingers if they could talk

would tell you that they’re bored

just sitting on a keyboard

is really quite a pain

“hey, sister,” they seem to say

“give me something to do!”

so I let them type these words

is this, then the devil’s do?

with a heydeeho diddle and

away we go

they find the letters waiting

and letter after letter

form this little story

of idle hands left all alone

to do their own bidding

just tip tapping

lackadaisical words with no

rhyme or reason

oh well as the baker said

not all my cakes are


For We Drink Because We Are Poets

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7 thoughts on “Poem: idle hands

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