Just A Note: Special Edition – An Important Announcement

self potraitHello World!

Well..I promised you a special announcement and here it is…I’ve been invited and have accepted to part of the We Drink Because We Are Poets team!

Well it’s no secret that I’m really impressed with what these young people have been trying to do for all of us…and being part of a team that is so dynamic and inventive…wow…sooo…

That’s right…you got it and my job: Photography Editor!!!  Starting this week we will launch a new and interesting Weekly Photographic Challenge…open not only to all the bazillion wonderful Photographers out there, but to all of you who have an iPhone, Cell phone with camera or a little ol’ digital camera and would like to have an interesting chance to show your photos to the world.

Isn’t easy…worried to look silly?  Come on guys…when I learned of the problems of using other people’s work on my poems and stories, I decided that I would go into photography…you’ve seen my work, and believe me, I’m a newbie at the game…I’ll give you a couple of hints on some easy programs to use…free of charge too!

As you know, Bastet and Sekhmet sitting in the Akashic library are always only too willing to offer their pearls of wisdom…and I will pass these on to you to become a new and exciting challenge for all you writers and poets who express yourselves in photography!  My personal philosophy is that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and if you just happen to add a poem or a story to your photo…that is just the cherry on your sundae!

I’m hoping to do a few interviews of those fantastic photographers that have inspired me these past few months…in fact I’m hoping someone will send me an e-mail and say:  “Hey Bastet! Are you interested in knowing how I got started…where I studied…what programs I use to get my great photos…so: if anyone is interested just pop me a line through my Facebook message box or at koch1952@libero.it…that .it is for Italy…the center of the Earth!

By the way…what you see above is an auto portrait of Bastet!

Now for the official announcement on We Drink Because We Are Poets…but, I have to take a walk first! 😉

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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