Bastet’s Progress and Photography

It’s not necessary that every day be bright and sunny…



It’s important to live that day!

So…this is a facsimile of my first posted “poem” with photo!  Not surprising it got 1 vote and that from my wonderful son…it was posted on the 26th of January.  Shivers run down my spine when I look at it, and that’s not from pleasure!  In fact I rendered it private and you now see it only because I would like to show you what I would do with the same material now!

 Polignano_2It’s not necessary

that every day

be bright and sunny…

to live that day


ah, to me this is important!

Ok…the poem still isn’t much but the photo is 100% better!

What did I do to change that photo?  I used Picasa 3

First I cropped out the road that was above the arch-way.  Then I went to fine-tuning and added shadows, which highlighted the sea and flowers, at that point I sharpened the image.  I still wasn’t completely happy so, I went back to “commonly needed fixes” and clicked I’m feeling lucky and auto contrast…I also did auto color but deleted that change as I didn’t like the effect.  Finished this I went to “Even more fun and useful image processing” and added the border.  At this point I decided to name and sign it! Et voilà…le joue son fait!

Why did I decide to start taking photos and how did I improve my results?

I started using my own photos because, in the first place, I wanted Bastet and Sekhmet to be 100% me.  Then there was the point made by W.P. team that anything posted on “Freshly Pressed”  had to be original or at least you must have permission from the artists who you’ve borrowed from.  Then, there’s the problem of actually trying to get that permission.


Let me do an aside here:

Today here was a comment from Doris from the Terrain of Symmetry about my little Fairy Tale: Nefelibata:

Doris: love the story and the photo, now I will think about the cloud-walker ;)

Bastet: Glad you liked it…I was inspired by the word which MT Blu posted on the We Drink Facebook page…so her name obviously seemed right to use in the story as the princess! The photo was a simple shot of clouds over our mountains that I elaborated for the occasion with Picasa…started doing photos when I started blogging to be able to have my posts 100% Bastet! That is the real purpose behind the We Drink challenges…getting people to snap their own photos…so that their work is all their own!

Doris: Love the meaning behind it, about the photos it is true bloggers should use their images it just makes the post more interesting, the challenges sound so fun.


A lot of us came here from Facebook.  On the Facebook we all have the habit of just Googling whatever we please and posting it.  Some people actually elaborate other people’s work.  Here we’re in a different league.  We are writers and poets…we don’t want our stuff to be used without at least informing us, so why use someone’s photos and artwork without returning that same courtesy?

Then I came across the W.P. Weekly Photo Challenge and week after week, I was able to better my photos, until, they are very acceptable.

End result?  You tell me.  I’ve started collaborating with the We Drink Because We’re Poets team…Photographic Editor…creator of the new We Drink Photo Challenge that will appear every Tuesday, so that maybe:

1) we’ll get some of our photographers to do a little writing.

2) maybe we’ll get some of our writers to do a little photography.

Ambitious?  You bet!  But then I’m Bastet!

20 thoughts on “Bastet’s Progress and Photography

  1. Oh, my friend, you know I love ya and I am behind your efforts 100%. You know I have some talent as a writer, as a photographer, I am an abysmal failure. I can’t take a good picture to save my life…but I’m Okay with that! I’ll just try to paint a picture with my words and hope that you get my vision.

    Love the post!


    • 🙂 My friend…did you see that first photo…I mean really not much, and it was about the best I had. I bet ya euro to dollars that if you picked up a camera (digital or from your phone) and used one of these snazzy programs which are really easy and (above all) quick to use…you’d find that you are a lady Rembrandt! Won’t insist…that’s my personal experience talking for me.

      The old Kodak camera days are over (thank heavens). But above all, now that you won’t be posting your written pictures so that you can sell them…well a photo now and then would brighten up my day! I can imagine you poor poop covered car (LOL)!

      Thanks for the loving comment I got your picture 😉 and glad you loved it!


      • Oh, I’ll still be posting my written pictures…just not the stories I think I’ll want to submit someday.

        Also, I have found a few publishers that WILL consider pre-posted blog stories as Unpublished so, all is not lost. I’ve also thought about just putting a note on the stories on my site saying something like “This is a beta test.” but never fear, I’ll still be here!


    • Thanks for the nomination! The reson behind the post was to show that there are actually progams we can use that are EASY. This is dead simple…there are still other’s I’m told like Ribbet that you don’t even have to install to use! I’m with you…at 61 I don’t want to pass months trying to lear a new process…it’s either simple or it’s not for me…
      Thanks again! I’ll mention your nomination in my Monday newsletter With a big smile! 🙂


  2. Bastet, I see that you’re growing beyond yourself, and I’m enjoying the view. I love the way you think, beautiful you.


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