Poem: Ganja Brownies!

For the Thursday Poetry prompt from the world of We Drink Because We’re Poets  a new adventure:

Guess what today’s prompt is, people? Today, and for the next few days, your task is to create a “magical recipe” that has unintended consequences…in the form of a poem! There are no constraints on this piece as far as form, so go with a form of your choosing!

Ganja Brownies

Now he was a lad from the sticks

I am told

and didn’t know much about life,

but could make a mean brownie

with just the right tartness

and a handful of pecans

to give them a crunch.

He had him some roommates

down at that there college,

that liked to play around with

a little this and that

and they asked him one day:

“Hey man! You know Alice B. Toklas?”

at which point he said nay…

“Well my laddie I’ll tell you,

you make us some brownies

and put in some ganja

and we’ll give you twenty-five bucks!”

“Ganja?” he asked

“Yeah, tea, my old man!”

and he said ok, that he’d give it a try.


our lad was a hick

guess you figured by now

and didn’t know ganja from

origano…or green tea for that matter!

So though he doubted

the outcome

he fixed up a batch

of his fabulous brownies and

threw in a handful of

ginseng tea

and some peanuts too

for good measure.

Those friends were excited

for they were looking for fun

 of a clearly dubious nature,

 they gave him the money

never doubting the outcome

not knowing

that the kid was so raw,

and off they went to a party

thinking that they’d have

quite a ball!

Guess what…

those crazy young people

thought they’d eaten some ganja

’cause those brownies had quite a strange taste

but my friend I’ll tell you

there was nary a leaf!

They laughed and they danced

and had some really great fun.

Until a late guest from Jamaica

arrived…he gave just one taste

of their “ganja” brownies and said:

“Man, these are the craziest brownies

I’ve ever et!

They taste like chocolate ginseng green tea!”

The friends looked at each other

a doubt fluttered between them,

then they looked at that guy

and said:


17 thoughts on “Poem: Ganja Brownies!

  1. Hahahahahaha.. That was great! I had a visual of what was taking place the whole time I was reading. Nice Bastet. 😀


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