Free Verse: Of Poetry and Roads

into the woodsFree Verse

Of Poetry and Roads

 Of Poetry and Roads

Is poetry a mystic road
for lost materialists
something to help me
spiritually grow
a tool to be used
to search out
hidden truths?

I reflect!

Methods and tools
illusions at best
better to play a mystic
so tears may be like
gentle rain to my
grateful soul.

Roads are roads
whether they lead to
east or west
it doesn’t really matter,
when once fear stops
anger disappears
bird songs
at last
may be heard.

baring my soul
naked before the world
before my own eyes
no “tool” to be taken

Once seen without
the mask
it’s difficult to hide again!
I contemplate
hidden feelings
now exposed,
my feelings raw
I verge upon depression.

Love then refills
my storm-weathered heart
with new energy
and again,
I write.

The voyage undertaken
when I write
is no philosopher’s
The voyage undertaken
is only the trail
into my intimate vision
of life.

Special Dedication to:  Running Son

4 thoughts on “Free Verse: Of Poetry and Roads

  1. Oh Georgia, it is a shame you cannot enter. This is lovely and so meticulous, you unveil poetry for what it truly is in our lives! I hope to get mine in…thanks for the reminder. 🙂


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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