Just A Note: Monday July 1, 2013


Good Morning World!

It’s been a really great week…I began my new efforts for We Drink Because We’re Poets, which most of the readers of this Just A Note know.  I’ve been nominated for awards from the most delightful of people…had a generally great time writing a couple of Haiku and meeting new bloggers.  And wrote an interview about a great photographer and was given permission to post about our dear friend Baldy!


Lisa has blessed me with yet more buckets of awards on June 24th!
Tusen takk kjære venn!

Then Barb Taub  with her Thank You and World Peace delighted me with her humorous post with the Best and Most Award, this is her lovely comment:

“The first award is from one of the most all-round entertaining bloggers I know. Georgia, who creates poetry, commentary, fiction, photography, and my favorite – haiku – at Bastetandsekhmet.wordpress.com, has presented the Best Moment Award”

Thank you very, very much Barb…I feel inspired!

To top everything off, Marie Anne Bailey at 1 Write Way honored me with a nomination for the Shine On Award…thank you very much indeed!

If you haven’t visited these great blogger yet…this is the perfect time to do so!

And all you wonderful supporters…feel nominated, because you are all the best people and deserve each and every one of these great awards!


Well, if you were around yesterday, you saw that I wrote two posts that were a little different from what I usually write.

One was a Just a Note about the nasty stuff that is going on in cyberspace…trolling and general cheap mean behaviour.  It’s not new and goes on all the time…but to ignore it and hope it’ll go away seems to me to be like aiding and abetting this unwholesome comportment.  Some very lovely people have been hurt by this way of acting, and this week I’ve read different articles that pose the problem, not only in the WordPress community but also on Good Reads, Amazon and Facebook.  Many bloggers don’t get past the first 6 months…sometimes it’s just a matter of not being able to keep up the pace.  Other times it may be because one’s not interested enough to go on, but when someone stops blogging because they’re being trolled, it’s a problem that touches us all.

The second post was about our dear blogging buddy: Baldy!  It’s been nice seeing him pop up from time to time and every once in a while I find a little space in my computer day to send him a line…he had such fine news I wanted to share it with you all…have a look, here’s the link!

Last week I began my collaboration with We Drink Because We’re Poets lauching the first Photo Challenge at the We Drink Photo Challenge!  For the We Drink page I was also happy to write a lovely post about Jerry Stolarski  that’s the reblog link.  There weren’t as many participants as I’d hoped…but who knows, maybe next week…for there will be a next week and many other’s in the future!  And Always thanks to Jerry, I wrote a poem to go with two of his posts, read Embracing-The Dance!

Always inspired by the new Challenge, I also wrote Bastet’s Progress and Photography which takes a look at my first photo-poem published on WordPress and how today I would have improved it.  Have a look, maybe you too will write something more while photographing or make a great photo to illustrate your written work! 😉

Be sure to have a look at some of those reblogs on Bastet and Sekhmet…you’ll meet up with some very interesting ideas…one in fact I reblogged from two different people on two different days!  It was a speach given during a university graduation cerimony by Neil Gaiman…well worth to us to listen to it over and over: Make Good Art!

Poetry and Haiku!

I don’t think it’s a secret, I love Haiku…which is sometimes called Senryu…and you scatch your head maybe and wonder why there’s a different designation for the 17 syllable (or less) Japanese poem.  Well I did until a couple of weeks ago, one should be about the seasons and nature…weather maybe sunrise or sunset, but seasonal  all the same the other, Senryu, aspects of human nature.  Now if we aren’t Japanese we cannot truely write either Haiku or Senryu…the count is not about “syllables” in our sense of the word.

Now I’ve discovered there is even debate as to the categories Haiku and Senryu!  Have a look at the link and see the difference.  I could be important if, for exemple, you decide to enter into a competition!  Nahn Fiction could be a place for you to visit if you’re interested in Japanese…Here is an example of a Haiku written and translated from the Japanese into two other languages (one English)!  In these pages you can get to know about Kanji, Anime and different interesting aspects of Japanese manga and games!  But he’s an alumnus of Washington State University!!! Have a look you’ll love it!!

And here’s a great Haiku from Fool’s Blog:  Just to give you a sample of the work Ye Olde Foole does…Tanka, Haiku, Senryu and more…go have a look!

Well everyone, it’s time this went to press, so have a wonderful week of great blogging!

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