Free Verse: The Rescue!

The roof

Free Verse

The Rescue!

She’d been gone for a week

her family distraught

searched for her all over the village.

They put out some photos

showing her picture

but no word had there been

to relieve them!


as I sat in my armchair

reading a book,

I heard a stressful meowing!

I ran to my window

and looked down to see

Fuffy…calling to “mommy”!

She couldn’t get down

from the roof where she was

and the house owners were out

for the week-end…

so her “mommy” ran to call for some help!

“Oh Fuffy, oh Fuffy…”

so Fuffy looked down

and contemplated the drop!

“No! No! Go back!” her “mommy”

distressed yelled in a

most alarming voice.

So Fuffy went back,

and looked down from the left,

then she went to her right

no way could she

get out of her plight!

At last!

Her human “daddy”

got out a tall ladder

and climbed on the wall

just below.

He then pulled up the ladder

and placed it (quite precariously)

on the wall

posing it

against that cruel roof!

He tried to get Fuffy

to get into her carry-case…

“how silly!”

and almost fell


the ladder

and Fuffy.

In the end,

the solution was easy to see

he grabbed her

and put her under his arm


“Hurrah!”  We all shouted!

You’ve saved the day, lad!”

Everyone was filled with


The story had ended

in the most wonderful of ways

when we’d all come to think of the worst!

N.B. Bastet says: “With a name like Fuffy, I’d run away too!”

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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