Tanka for Eric


Where has Eric gone?
his words are hidden, just gone
search I in my mail
uselessly to no avail

alas I found him, spammed!

For Eric Alagan

Now…I wonder…are others lost in the black hole of WP spam?  I didn’t realize that those over 92 remarks, marked spam may not be spam at all!

8 thoughts on “Tanka for Eric

  1. LOL – Glad that I am found, for several comments on this blog, I was probably lost 🙂

    Hopefully, I’m not marked as spam – about time WordPress stepped up their game 🙂


    • 😉 hmmm…interesting comment actually…spam was a sort of pressed ham in a can…only the Bros Grinn are hammy…you are certainly a man and not a ham! 😉


  2. Yeah it’s weird, now and again valid comments get flagged as spam, I always check my spam folder (plus some of them are super fun to read, lol) but I don’t really get that much spam I can’t imagine people who get 20+ spam per day.


    • I think you may get 20+ spam per day if you have 5000+ followers…or so I read on a blog a couple of minths ago…sigh…I have enough reading to do as is…but as I had to “save” 10 legit encluding another from Eric…I’ll go regularly through the spam stiff too.


  3. I was once the victim of being the blogger spammed. I had to get in touch with Akismet because it happened every time I left a comment. Since then, I check my Spam regularly.

    Just yesterday, Creative Metaphors got sent to my Spam. I found it today.

    Love your little poem to mark the event 🙂


    • Oh dear…hadn’t realized the problem was so common until yesterday…I’d never gone through the spam, never occured to me to look there…one wonders how often I’ve been shunted into the spam box??? I wen through it yesterday and found 10 posts that were legit! Another one from Eric and one from Shainbird!


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