Pixelventures: Morning Walk

Morning Walk

One balmy day with my son I walked
Along back roads past vineyards and farms
Taking photos of trees, gates and barns
Of light and of poetry we talked.
We came to Sarca’s ancient floodgate.
Abandoned now to desolation’s rust
He turned a wheel with a mighty thrust
And wondered of its opening date.

What was it’s purpose long time ago…
Did it save past men from Sarca’s rage
Or feed canals to make vineyards grow?
Unread is the floodgate’s story page.

These shots are part of our morning walk
These words a nod at our lazy talk.

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We Drink Photo Challenge: Old


Mortar and Pestle | Shainbird

Tea pot | FOTO chip – © Birgitta Rudenius

Something Old | Creative Metaphor

Cheryl: http://jpgmag.com/photos/2896535

Old – We Drink Because We’re Poets Photo Prompt #3 | Rob’s Real Life

Jerry: http://kyeos.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/the-last-passage/

19 thoughts on “Pixelventures: Morning Walk

      • Got all the information to the grandparents..it’s in their ballpark now. The response from my fellow bloggers brought tears to my eyes…never expected so many concerned bloggers to try to help! Thanks for you’re efforts on our behalf.

        Just trying to catch up with my sites and reading. Thanks for asking!


      • Let’s not talk about reading…am way behind today and won’t get much farther along as it’s past 8 and dinner is late…glad you got a good response…those are such very bad situations! I’ll see your tomorrow morning…I’m off line in a mo’…don’t work too hard…hugs!


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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