10 thoughts on “Haiku: 2:30 storm

    • That is a lovely sound like drums gone wild….I now have classsical clay clay tiles…they’re a little mellower…it gets really interesting with hail.


  1. Like Sahm, I love storms. The lightning, the thunder and the rain are liberating and put me in a relaxation mood.

    I ❤ your haiku, Bastet.


  2. Ah, the things that inspire! That raging storm – you closed the doors and it still managed to find a way in like an uninvited guest. But, when it stays outdoors, where it belongs, it can be create a peaceful feeling indoors.


    • True…but I get philosophical about these things and say that nature has a way of reminding you she exists…keeping down that headiness of human arrogance! 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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