Tanka(s) Duality Reflections

Thursday We Drink poetry Prompt:

The prompt: think about dualism and the interplay of forces.  How are they connected?  How are they not?  Are they relevant to one another?  What is the goal?  To make a statement about the interactions of supposedly opposing forces.  The suggested form for this prompt is the Haiku / Senryu or, if you want to go longer than that, the Tanka form.

 Duality Reflections

Tao and Zen debate
duality and the whole
but togetherness
creates:  life, stars, Universe
for poets to write about!

Mu, Yu make tai chi:
heaven, earth…what of black space?
Lao Tsu I ask you?
Where is duality there…
We call it the Universe!

Wise Sensei just laugh
As their students muck about
Where is the mind that’s thinking
show me its form its shape…now!

Illusory mind
creates duality…see:
our own invention!
For there is only the whole
mankind creates division.

We self-important
men think creation follows
little human thoughts!
Tragedy is this illusion
if taken seriously.

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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