Just a Note: Monday 15 July 2013

Hello World!

African clay

Mid summer…heat, flash storms, emotions raise suddenly and go off without warning.  Mostly though, mid summer is a slow-paced time of year still, heat plays havoc with humans!

Senryu: Heat Storm

air is heavy…humid
their nerves on edge…electric
summer storm explodes

That was the sense of my Senryu on the 11th of July…Gerswhen wrote a whole folk opera which takes place in this period of the year and a lovely song…Summertime…

This has been a slow week, productively speaking.  On the other hand, I’ve been out and about going to concerts and for walks…shooting away with my camera!  My monitor’s desktop is full of files that have to be archived, I’ve a few drafts that I have to complete and there are things I still haven’t done with my blog and site that really need doing…ah but summertime…


This week Sweetness 6645 manager of Chronicles of a Public Transit User   nominated me for a Bouquet of 7 Awards!award collageThe awards she nominated me for were: The ABC award, Inner Peace Award, Most influential Blogger Award, Sunshine Award, Versatile Blogger Award, WordPress Family Award and the The Wonderful Readership Award (Ooooo, never got that one before!).  Thank you so much Sweetness for all this bounty!

Awards are
Bounties that
Cement our
Delicious and
Etherial as well as eternal
Has received more than her due
I believe…
Justice would dictate that other’s be
Known…through these
Lauds and acclaims!
Many awards in just one bouquet…
Nominations so abundant
Oh but they make a…
Pretty collage!
Quickly then I must finish this poem…
Readers are awaiting my weekly journal
Simply put I
Thank you dear Sweetness!
Understand me when I say:
Well I’m nearly without words!!!
You’ve swamped me with love and I’m
Zany with getting the x and z done!

All you great readers…have a look at Sweetness’ blog…it’s fun and funny!  She also takes some really great photographs…I’m wondering, Sweetness, did you know I run a Photo Challenge at We Drink Because We’re Poets  that would be right up your alley! 😉
You all…choose yourself from this cornucopia of awards…you’re all nominated by Bastet and Sekhmet!


As I said I’ve been just kind of drifting (by my personal standards) this week and I haven’t really been reading very much…but one thing that did pop up and made me very happy indeed was a little snippet of information about Barb Taub!  The post is entitled: The Big Reveal!  and a revelation it is…her book is coming out this week, the first of a series under the general title of Null City, One Way Fare, will be coming out this week…she shows us the cover design for her new book and a brief outline of what the story is about…go have a look, don’t just take it from me…it sounds really interesting!

King Midget on King Midget’s Ramblings has also made the announcement that his long-awaited “Weed Therapy” is in the final stages to being published and reveals that he wants to open a website to that will:

“invite people to discuss the ideas I weave through this story”.

Good luck on your launch and website old bean!


“Well, we’ve been lazy, but not completely negligent of our duties!” says Sekhmet.

Yes, true, I’ve done a few photo posts this week and of course launched the Weekly We Drink Photo Challenge this week dedicated to “OLD”, you can find the link above with my invite to Sweetness and I hope you too will want to contribute!  I’m seriously thinking of changing the title of the Challenge…everybody and their uncle are suddenly coming up with challenges and Sekhmet does not like to be “one of a many”…  If you have an idea or suggestions…I’m here waiting to read them!

On Saturday, after a great evening at the “Viva Mamanera!” African festival held in Riva del Garda…I was inspired to elaborate one of the photos I took during a dance-music concert:

Africaalong with a poem dedicated to African music…or at least the African music I experienced in Chad…the music in that region of Africa is very similar, the players that evening were from Burkina Faso…but I could close my eyes and the music just penetrated my brain bringing back memories.  Day-time music is so very different from the night-time music…I try to convey those memories through my Poem: African Night.

Oh!  And I posted the results of a few of my walks, did some Haiku and poems with photos…but I’m late on writing a very important short story!!!!

I also put up a couple of posts for the We Drink Photo Challenge…so people could maybe be inspired!

And reblogged this fine photo with Haiku by Cathy Ulrich entitled: Saturday’s Hike…take a look at this and you won’t be disappointed, especially if you, like I love Vincent Van Gogh…and no, this isn’t a trip to a museum…it’s the photo that looks as though the master had gone out to the American west and painted a picture!  The Haiku is really lovely too!  I hope one day to interview this artist of the camera…if I can find her e-mail address!  😉

Oh dear…I also misdated my Sunday Walk post yesterday, which I’ve corrected…for some reason I was convinced that yesterday was July 13th!  Then, this morning I realized, as it is the 15th that I had made a really grave error!  The French would guillotine me for sure!  I hope they had a great Bastille Day!  Vive la France!  Vive la Liberté!  Ect. ect….


Well…there’s so much more to say, but I’ll conclude this week’s Just a Note here, as I really have to run off…but if there is anything you’d like to add…the comments are waiting for you…don’t be shy, add your bit to Just a Note!

Have a great week everyone and don’t let the heat get you down!

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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