Free Verse: Ferryboat Accident…in my mind


Free Verse

Ferryboat Accident…in my mind

We paddled on the lake that day…

just lazying it in the sun

when we looked towards Torboli

and saw the ferryboat come…

Paddle paddle, get out of the way!

And our legs pumped like pistons do

I could just see us going under

the ferryboats prow and sink!

My heart was in my stomach…

with a bit of sea-sickness too

my imagination ran wild…

as it usually does…


I saw our little craft

broken up into tiny bits

and our bodies laying out

for someone to identify.

Cold sweat ran down my brow

I’m sure it really did

though you later said:

You’re always so cool

no matter how close danger is.

Alas, alas how can this be?

I think I should sometimes panic…

go into a rage, or cry, or scream

so everyone



that there are emotions inside of me…



6 thoughts on “Free Verse: Ferryboat Accident…in my mind

  1. Alas! That’s a word packed with emotion. You only have to say it once accompanied by a sigh, and people will think your emotions overfloweth in deep and mysterious ways.


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