Footsteps for Cubby

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis lifetime passage

like my footprints in the sand

is momentary

For Cubby…because I like to be stimulated to go one step further along the path…and i want some great Canadian chocolate!  Meow…to your Reowr…Bastet.  I first wrote ephemeral instead of momentary…which do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “Footsteps for Cubby

  1. Hmm, while I love the word ephemeral, I think the word momentary here has a bigger impact. Love the haiku. This time I’ll make sure no virtual rodents are sent along with your basket of chocolate Canadian goodies. Yes, it’s a basket this time, all nicely wrapped with a big red bow, of assorted chocolates ranging from 20% milk chocolate to 85% dark. There are even some hot chocolate packets in the back somewhere.


    • Wow!!! Now that is a great basket…and glad there will be no virtual beavers…thanks for your choice between ephemeral and momentary…I agree!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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