Free Verse: Teacher’s Effect

Teacher's effects

Free Verse

Teacher’s Effect

Last week

we walked about

we talked and

I took a lot of pictures,

you asked why

I concentrated,


on this common wiry fence…


just a memory flashback.

Back in 68, my dear,

I was just a kid then…

and I had a lovely friend

a true artist through and through,

he painted a beautiful sunset

then he brought it to

Mrs. Chatterley’s class.

She felt it not good enough

“somehow it’s just not quite finished!”

so she walked about it

in her artistic way

and said it needed a fence.

Not just any fence would do for her

she wanted chicken wire!

So, my friend he painted the chicken wire

and thus destroyed his work.

Ah…that teacher

she was a bane to us…

she thought

she was something special,

an artist

creator of artists

do you know the type?

Inflated ego

arrogant and brusque…

and chicken wire

around her brain.

7 thoughts on “Free Verse: Teacher’s Effect

  1. Wowza. I love that. Chicken wire around her brain. 85% dark Canadian chocolate for you with a dollop of maple syrup! You better eat it before the beaver that snuck in on the virtual flight does. Which means you also have a virtual pet beaver.


  2. I hated teachers like that. They wanted it their way, so a student’s creative vision was buried. I’m glad I rarely had teachers like that. 95% of them were very supportive of my creative ideas. Especially the history teachers for some reason.


    • Ditto here…she was a bit of a twit. I did have an American history teacher though that was a newbie…his name was Udder, guess he was worried about not having enough authority…he only taught the one year and then he went to work for IBM…unfortunately he flunked our whole class, save one…ruined my straight A report card…such is life.


  3. I recognize some such from my childhood..yes, but.I hope not many of us are like that anymore. I think when I was a child the teacher felt “the mission of teaching the right things” more than nowadays. Today it is the human being, the student himself/herself who is important!


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