Free Verse: Childhood Boxed

old toyboxFree Verse

Childhood Boxed

His things…

lie locked up in the cellar


in their box

things he didn’t want,

but couldn’t throw away…

 I wonder from time to time

what else is hidden there…

dreams, memories,


fantastic adventures

or what he’d like to be.

I too left a box

so very long ago…

memories, dreams,


my paintings, poems and music too…


I ask myself:

how long they were kept safe,

locked away

hidden in a cellar,

thinking as did I

of my certain

future return,

to reclaim

my forsaken

childhood toy box.

We Drink Photo Challenge: Toys

8 thoughts on “Free Verse: Childhood Boxed

  1. I accidentally wrote a reply in Italian from Google translate into someone else’s reply box. Needless to say, I don’t think that person was very impressed. Let’s just say I love this poem and its message and the way that it flows so beautifully. I’ll wait until you finish your recent basket of chocolates before I send you more.


    • LOLing as the Italians say! I can imagine the scene! What the fudge,,,(just to stay in the chcolate theme), is this person crazy! That was a very nice thing you did, I’m sorry it went astray 😦 (hmmm…how does one frown and giggle at the same time…ah…alas…hehehe)…I’m glad you enjoyed the poem.


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