Silly Poem: WordPress Blogging Blues

WordPress ™
is a handy place
to write about
just anything…
it’s members are
to communicate
and make a great following…
by supplying stats
this and that
it happens that
for some bloggers
paranoia attacks!

Oh my…

some bloggers get  stressed…
get the WordPress blogging blues
and want ever more readers
to be Freshly Pressed too!
they get so frustrated
that they soon just move on.

But if they’d just waited…
they could have read
that stats count for nil
and be instructéd on how to be
Freshly Pressed to boot!
(don’t you worry
look at these examples
of how they choose their
prized daily writers
if you’re made of cotton candy
(which they don’t mention here)
you’ll get those
almighty Freshly Pressed votes!

(of course it might be simpler
if you paid 30 dollars or more
a month
be a name in a paper
or generally well-known.)

If you’re a newbie
(or even an oldie)
don’t get sucked into the game
make it clear to yourself
what you think is your aim…
be a great writer
make some nice photographs
get some good feedback
or an encouraging word
test out your talent
be stimulated
rage about something
or give your own view…

these my friends are reasons to blog
not to sit there putting notches in a log
and even
if the only thing you want is
audiencethat’s a great goal there my blogging buddy…
take your bows
and just bask in your brilliance!

N.B.  I started writing this silly peom because I’ve noticed that bloggers who’ve followed me for ages and bloggers I’ve followed for ages are getting un-followed and have to be re-followed…so where does that put all my fancy statistics of followers?

I’ve also noticed that lately when someone comments, some strange title comes up that has nothing to do with what thye’re commenting…(I think there are some alien life forms probably controlling everything over on the big WP computers.)  I’M ONLY KIDDING…sheesh, you never know when someone might take you seriously!

Anyway…I got lost and wrote this silly poem instead of another type of silly poem about these subjects.  That’s just how it works out sometimes.

12 thoughts on “Silly Poem: WordPress Blogging Blues

  1. Sometimes, I’ve to re-follow blogs because of some strange mechanism at work that’s beyond me. It is both somewhat frustrating and embarrassing – especially when the person ‘unfollowed’ is a loyal follower of my blog. A few months ago, when I refollowed a disconnect, that lady emailed and berated me – how dare I had ‘unfollowed’ her and blah, blah, blah. I don’t need that aggro and this time, I deliberately disconnected her. Period. Sad but I’m not going to wear something that can be traced back to WP.

    I don’t give two hoots for stats – about posting 5 times a week,, etc to garner maximum numbers of hits – yeah, right all for the greater glory of WP. If it works for others – okay, but count me out. If I wanted to join the rat race, I can choose to remain in the corporate world and make real money.

    Incidentally, I’ve not been freshly pressed even once – in some countries, that is molest 🙂



    • I post several times a day…because when I get the itch…I need to scratch it, as we say here…but I understand your concept and agree. ?Tis not for the glory of WP that I want to write!
      Stats are really kind of a trap…which is probably why the poem came out as it came out. Sorry about your embarassment due to that person. I’ve discovered people suddenly disappearing and wonder what happened to them, only to find the suggestion that I follow them on the Reader suggestion page! (Happened to me twice last week!)

      There’s a lady who’s promoting a Freshly Impressed post…now that is worth reading…as is your own promoting of fellow bloggers. Thankfully I’m not sticky enough to get freshly pressed 🙂 Peace to you too Georgia.


  2. True Confession – I don’t really know what Freshly Pressed is…. Is this somehow related to our cats liter box?


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