Silly Poem: Potato with a Face

A potato with a facepoor cubby kitty
to see just goddesses
that have been
over photographed
the ones
that we all know and love
the ones
“who kind of look
weird potatoes with no face”…
(i’m still loling*all over the place)
so I photographed a potato
first drew up a face…
just for this
silly poem
and for cubby kitty
Ah…and whilst I was about it
I though I’d show you poets
how to have some fun
play around
with your

* how the Italians use LOL in facebook…they write: I’m loling.

BTW…Cubby is a formidably fantastic poet with a dry sense of humor…dry enough to be British!

(We Drink Photo Challenge: Food)

10 thoughts on “Silly Poem: Potato with a Face

  1. Rofling. I love the face on the potato. S/he looks quite pleased to be your new spud bud. I am hardly an FFP, and that comment makes me suspect that the whole potato thing has frenchy fried a circuit somewhere. And dry humor? Only because I don’t like getting wet. I guess I will take my humor with me in the shower next time.


    • Well…now as for being a FFP and dry humor…your epic poetry is not an everyday feat and your Mr. Potato Head is an example of pretty dry humor as well as a great poem. I must admit tha I added this bit as an after-thought…I wanted my readers to know why I, Bastet, chose to honor you, oh kitty, and go and visit your blog to find out why. My circuits are not french-fried…but the fertility goddess will probably be baked in a day or two.


      • LOL it’s a good thing you are a goddess yourself or you would incur the wrath of the fertility potato goddesses. As a Cubby kitty, I think I have found my new goddess, oh great Bastet. *gives offerings of fallen whiskers and hairballs*


        • Blerch! I’ll settle for chocolat accolades without whiskers and hairballs thank you very much impertinent kitty! Of course being descendent of Sekhmet goddess of war, we fear not ferility potatos!


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