Free Verse: Conflicting Interests

Free Verse

Conflicting Interests

conflicting interests:
you have your art
I have mine
I chose my path
away from your road
for independence.

I walk each day
inside my magic world
of memories that delight me
imagining people
and places
sometimes never existed.
just like you,
I arrange pieces
I make my collages
with words
instead of bits and pieces
or of clay or paint
though you think
my talent wasted
sitting at a computer
the whole “bloody day”.

Only think…
when I passed my hours
pasting and cutting
and arranging objects
drawing pictures
you had no objections
this pathway
you knew well
and you thought of yourself
as teacher
but now
lost…unable to guide.

Yesterday you read my poem
and looked upon my photographs
and you said…
Yes, maybe…it’s a form
of creativity…
But why waste your time in Internet?
and I,
Oh well…all things
must begin somewhere.

I’d like to dedicate this to:  willowdot21

17 thoughts on “Free Verse: Conflicting Interests

  1. This is a very mellow and slightly sad poem. I think the sadness comes from thinking about someone that doesn’t think you’re doing art or making progress. I’m starting to view such people as sad.


    • Of course blogging is an artform, at times. I am reading a work of fiction about Charles Chaplin, there’s a scene where two people who are speaking about the new french invention, cinema…one sees it as a budding art form another as just an imitation of art, a fake. When something is new it’s often denegrated.


  2. Thank you , thank you so much. I feel so relieved that someone actually understood. Well that is not right I think many people understand but you actually know how I feel because you feel it too! Be well, be brave and be creative!! 😉 xxxxx


  3. That’s an interesting poem, Bastet! It reminded me of someone who said: ‘Why bother with blogging. The people out there aren’t real, aren’t honest.” I just thought: “I’m real, I’m honest.” And sometimes I think the people I meet when blogging are somehow more real and more honest than they would be in everyday conversation. We just get to know each other in a new and unconventional way.
    Just rest assured I’m happy to see you take the time to do this on a very regular basis! 🙂


    • Thanks…as I was saying earlier…when the Lumiere brothers came out with their new invention…it was considered not real and not honest. I agree with you, I’ve met some very real people out in blog space and pretty honest too. 🙂


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