Free Verse: A Thought For Shainbird

Working together
you on your end
I on mine
sharing opinions
learning new tricks
posting together
each other
full of love and appreciation
we call it collaboration…

it was

a wonderful experience
Thanks Shainbird!


On Saturday 27 July Shainbird and I published, each on our own blog a work of collaboration, entitled Erik Satie Inspires Shainbird and Bastet.  We followed our own layout, so each post is different, even if the work we did, a poem and a short story are common to both…Go have a look at Shainbird’s lovely poem…it’s fantastic…and it was a real pleasure to work with her.

10 thoughts on “Free Verse: A Thought For Shainbird

  1. Georgia, the collaboration was such an honor, and now this…dear friend, thank you, I hope in the future we can again embark on another greater adventure. Thank you.


    • Ciao Shainbird! I’d hope to find a little time to send you a mail, but I’ve been out and about…so when I came home, this came to mind and I thought it’d be nice to sing your lauds! I loved every moment of our experiment and the honor was all mine. I would love to work with you again, who knows what the future may bring…maybe next time with the same form? Grazie mille!


          • Just the emphatic begining…wish I could write music i show it to you…it starts out with this burst of : dom dom down one note up a half note twice back to the first note dom then it gets difficult to describe…it’s all piano…then after the piano solo beginning there’s some strings but the piano dominates. Oh darn..still as they say, if it’s in the stars, it’ll pop up. Thanks dear.


          • That’s enough to go on. Can you rule out his Gnossiennes? If I get a lead, I’ll send you the link via e-mail. Even if you could write music, I could not read it 🙂


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