Sunday Haiga: Transitioning to Contrast

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A Haiga…traditionally in Japan a Haiga is usually a Haiku with a painting (Hai for Haiku and ga for painting) of course here we’ve combined a beautiful photograph with a Tanka…so maybe we should call it a Tanga…I think not 😉

A Tanka is similar to a Haiku, but it has two extra lines of 7 syllables each, it dates back to 1200 years ago and usually talks about nature, but also strong emotions, and very often uses metaphors.

Hope you enjoyed Jerry’s and my efforts.  Click his name here it will take you to his post!

Have a nice Sunday!

21 thoughts on “Sunday Haiga: Transitioning to Contrast

      • Well shoot. HA! I’ll get this thing down right sooner or later. I started not to post it to yours then self yelled at me, “DO IT”. I talk to self a lot, not that it is meaningful conversation but I was always told to listen to that little voice. Geeez! 🙂


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  2. Sorry for any mess ups Georgia. We have be told to vacate the ranch and at the time my head was not where it should have been. The hurt I felt at that time was unbearable and the confusion even worse.


    • Well, now I understand, I was a little surprised at what was going on, not knowing, I felt a little hurt myself. One of the problems with cyberspace is we don’t know what’s going on with our friends and misunderstandings are easy to run into. I’m so sorry for your situation and certainly don’t want to add to your problems! Hopefully another door will open for you soon…good luck Jerry!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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