Free Verse: 100% Humidity

Free Verse

100% Humidity

When I lived in Djibouti
I soon learned
the difference
between rain
and 100% humidity?
Rain refreshes,
is an elixir of life
for a bit
though not maybe
the other
is when water
dew point…
fall around you
for two seconds
and that’s it:
African Sauna
by my definition.

4 thoughts on “Free Verse: 100% Humidity

  1. I love that you can say you lived in Djibouti! That is pretty darn nifty. You make a terrific distinction between rain and humidity. I personally don’t like either very much, but at least you can keep the rain out. Humidity tends to creep into everything.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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