Free Verse: Land from Water

land from lake

Free Verse

Land from Water

looking at the shore
from out upon the lake
my imagination soared in a day-dream about great
who first went upon the water
sailed away from safe homes…
no not the haunty ones
but those truly
ancient ones…
people without names
no history books for them
the ones who travelled forth
upon the first of human boats
and wonder I at their courage
or maybe the necessity
that lead them thus
to leave
comfortable land.

16 thoughts on “Free Verse: Land from Water

  1. A thousand posts is incredible! I know you are talking about unnamed explorers in your poem, but you express so well how I feel about immigrants and the courage they needed to leave their homes to find a new life. Really love this piece.


    • I agree..the immigrants are the direct descendents of those unnamed explorers. Leaving one’s home to live on foreign shores is the story of my life ;-)…I’m glad I touched you. Thx for commenting.


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