Silly Poem: Exercise in Rhyming Timing

Whatever could be the matter
to make the mad hatter natter?
I couldn’t really say but the platter
Went flying away with a clatter!

Alice was oh quite contrary
since her dress all bright and airy
got stained with a stupid blue berry
so her party was not quite so merry!

Well sitting in my living-room
thinking of visions of doom
of the bridemaids and the groom
and the bride who’d soon jump the broom!

Oh well I’ve heard a lot of guff…
so instead of getting gruff
I though I just go on without a huff
and get on about my stuff.

I’m exercizing in making rhyme
cause I free verse all the time
but I wouldn’t give me a dime…


it’s really been
a crazy day
just getting

three hours sleep
has really been
a feat
to defeat
the grogginess
gets in my head
makes it spin
I’m just in a haze
wanting to laze
fool around
make some sound
and all in all
screw around!


11 thoughts on “Silly Poem: Exercise in Rhyming Timing

    • As a matter of fact…now that you mention it…and stories sometimes too. I’m actually one of those persons who remembers their dreams. I should write one day of a city that I visit from time to time. A delightful place. 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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