Just a Note: Flash!

Hello World!

Hey everyone..over the last few days I’ve been posting most of my stuff using the schedule option…basically because I have a lot to do outside cyberspace.  I don’t have a lot of time to read your lovely posts…I do pop in and comment your comments when I have access to a computer, and try to take a look at the We Drink posts and read a little of my mail.

I mentioned in passing that my hubby has health problems.  Those problem as of Tuesday has a name…it’s bladder tumor.  We don’t know how extended etc the problem is, but it’s there and waiting to be addressed once the docs finish their biopsy.

Fortunately, he’s too involved at the moment preparing for his participation in two collective art shows…one today and another on the 11th, to get lost in morbid thoughts.  He’s motivated positively.  These shows will help to launch his personals in October and early spring.  So, I’m busy working by his side to get his work up.

I haven’t forgotten any of you and I haven’t gotten snooty…I’m just very, very busy…so pls bear with me!

Have a great Friday!  Bastet.


18 thoughts on “Just a Note: Flash!

    • Thanks Henk…che sarà sarà…which of course the Americans think of as a Doris Day song…but means it will be what it will be…philosophical Italians 😉 And Bastet will be here…though not so chatty maybe.


  1. Health and real life always come first. I use the scheduling option too when things get busy. It’s a wonderful option to have. Hope the biopsy results allow for quick and easy treatment.


    • It’s been very useful I must say…wish I could as easily schedule e-mail and reading! We’ll know in a few days how the exams went…we’re pretty hopeful it’s been caught early enough.


  2. Thanks folks for your understanding and support…I usually keep my private world separated from my blog…but I really am sorry that I may seem not be interested in my reader’s and friend’s posts, it’s to me, a part of what blogging is all about: the reading, the commenting etc. Of course, we all have our issues, I just wanted everyone to know I’ll do what I can to keep in contact. Hubby is high spirits, that always helps in these cases. I’m off again..getting my camera ready to immortalize the show! Thanks again.


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