Free Verse: Ancient Photo Show

Riva del Garda

Free Verse

Ancient Photo Show

I went to see a photo show
pictures in black and white
100 years old the negatives
some of the pictures too!

I looked upon these memories
of land that here surrounds me,
so much was there unfamiliar,
some reflection, was de rigueur!

They call the 1900s
the “short century”
since in all of human history
ne’er change came more rapidly!

Looking at those photographs
some scenes I found familiar
but looking e’er closer I noted
much seemed so unfamiliar.

In one hundred years from today,
should someone think to exhibit,
these photos that I’m taking now
how much would be the change?

Enfin, I wonder if that gentleman
imagined his vacation memories,
laid out in solemn art exhibition,
as a testimony to his antiquity.

Lake Garda as seen by Alois Beer, Hungarian.

4 thoughts on “Free Verse: Ancient Photo Show

  1. It is incredible how much can happen in a century. Even in a few decades, one can start to feel like a dinosaur in terms of technology. An exhibit 100 years from today would indeed be very interesting. Loved the poem! 🙂


    • Well, historically speaking, it’s our last 150 years or so that has been incredibly swift in changing everything! For 10,000 years we plodded along and then BANG! And I agree…a 100 years from today could be very interesting! Thanks 🙂


  2. Italian lakes transform me into a romantic mess. One of my favourites is Lago di Orta, It’s not really on the map.. A photo 10 years ago would almost be the same as the one taken yesterday. Until you zoom in and see a nun update her facebook page on her iPhone. I can’t begin to imagine the next 100 years but the changes will continue exponentially for a while yet.

    And to live here now…


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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