Acrostic: Mr Gwyn

A new prompt…a SAK Prompt from Sahm at the Arkside of Thought.  He offers a great idea, write an Acrostic using the title of your favorite book…I LOVE ACROSTIC POEMS… so here goes!


Editrici Feltrinelli

Editrici Feltrinelli

Mystery writer, no longer wanting to be consumed like popcorn,

Refuses to compose or publish another novel

Gifted, he is and cannot live without writing!

When he sees some portraits of nudes he ponders and

Yearningly looks, then says: “I know what I can do!

Nothing less than portraits in writing on commission”.

Mr. Gwyn by Alessandro Baricco

8 thoughts on “Acrostic: Mr Gwyn

  1. I am not familiar with the book you have chosen. I’ll have to check it out. It sounds really interesting, and I am looking for a new read! Nice acrostic! I have never tried one, but I am going to.


  2. I didn’t even factor in this would be a decent way to learn about books I’ve never even heard of. NICE Bastet! 🙂 And, I should have included the link to my book. Didn’t even think of that… :/


    • Well…over the months, I keep making references to things that are common to me, Like MU and YU but my readers then commented WTF? Being out here in the hinterland I’ve come across things that many never encounter, so I started just putting links to what I feel is more obscure. Baricco is one of my favorite authors, Italian and so don’t know how his fortunes fare outside of Italy and Europe.


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