Just a Note: Monday 5 August 2013

Hello World!


Well…this has been a memorable week for me…chock full of art and creativity…making new acquaintances who may become new friends, experimenting with words and photos…intense family commitments.

There have been moments that I’ve met myself going and coming.  This has meant that sometimes I made some pretty weird mistakes!  I published two posts which were only supposed to be drafts to come back and elaborate at a later date…thought I’d rendered them private and then when I got back on-line, saw they were still up!  I commented Ye Olde Foole’s post, suggesting he should publish his two-syllable Sonnet, which I’d read elsewhere, on the page he’d published it on!  Must have been asking himself what I’d been smoking!

If you read the Just a Note Flash I published, I think on Thursday, you’ll know that my family and I are a little under pressure at the mo’.  But thanks to art and creativity, we’re in pretty high spirits just the same.  A plus hubby has begun to understand that blogging is indeed a creative form of communication, or as he says, at least the way I do it.

I’m learning that I really must organize my reading and writing here at Bastet and Sekhmet.  I’m not really one for organization and tend to do the first thing that comes under my eyes.  I’ve begun to learn how to schedule, which has been very useful to keep the blog up as I’m doing something else.  As for new stuff, I travel with a purse that’s closer to a back-pack where I keep my note-book and camera (as well as everyone’s stuff as my men don’t like to weigh their pockets down with glue, wallets, cell phones etc) so when something inspires me I have my material with me ready to record what I’ve seen or felt.

This cannot be said for reading other people’s blogs though.  I read my notifications and reply to them on the WP archives, once every few hours.  I’d had the habit of reading the e-mail communications of the posts on other people’s blogs, spending a couple of hours a day…then there was the reader.  Horror struck me when I saw there were around 300 notifications in my “mail” box each morning waiting to be read these past few days!  I need a secretary!

Obviously I can’t spend 12 hours  a day (tried that yesterday!) every day on my computer, which probably wouldn’t be enough time anyway (it wasn’t).  So, I’ll just have to muddle along, hoping you all will be understanding if you don’t see me over at your place, commenting or whatever.  I’ll be spending no more than two hours a day for the reader and notifications…so what I can do I will.

Painting the town red!

Painting the town red!


Sahm King and Baldy have come up with the idea to post writing prompts!  You may say..there are a bazillion prompts, but let me tell you there are only one Sahm King and Baldy, so their prompts to me are special!  Prompts are a good idea from time to time…you get to try something new, get out of your comfort zones and that keeps people fresh and inventive!  In a moment when we’re suffering from writer’s block, it’s a way to get out of the rut.  So prompts are the next best thing to chocolate in my book to help keep up and going!

What’s that you say, Baldy doesn’t blog any more?  Oh no, my friends, Baldy is back and blogging stronger than ever.  He returned on the 31st of July…so if you didn’t get the news yet, just go up there and click the link!

I had a request this week to write to the 3 Gymnopédie by Eric Satie by Barb Taub.  So, I wrote for her The Senryu Trilogy. This has been the second time I’ve written a piece in answer to a request, the first being made Cathy Ulrich!  If you click her name it’ll take you to the piece and the link to find Cathy!  Makes me feel like a musician!  😉

You’ve of course seen the two photos on this page.  I created them on Saturday and Sunday.  Photography is that other passion that has been growing over the months.  I look back on my first photo “service”, Toblino Castle and at the work I do now and it’s amazing to me how my work has become more professional and at times sophisticated!

imprisoned rose


I’ll just close this up by reminding you that I also contribute to We Drink Because We’re Poets…I have a weekly photo challenge (I’m being challenged!) to prompt you all to take a photo and maybe write something about it, maybe a short poem (?)…it’s called Bastet’s Pixelventures and it has two sister posts;  Pixelventure’s Photo Finish where I post the results of former Tuesday’s Pixelventures and Pixelventure’s Close-up, where I either write about a photographer or about photography.  If you have something you think might be interesting to photograph…send a word, you’ll help me make my weekly challenge goal!

You all have yourselves a great week!  A big hug to all.

7 thoughts on “Just a Note: Monday 5 August 2013

  1. And yet, you manage to start my week off right with this lovely Monday post (that I look forward to so much)! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers this week.

    Am I allowed to feel wicked amusement at your apology for “only” two hours a day of blog time? That’s probably more than I spend in a week! And I’m in a consistent state of awe at your output. It’s not just the number of posts, poems, etc. but the fact that every one of them is GOOD — thoughtful, readable, often fun on the tongue to read out loud. You are a constant source of amazement.


        • Ok…it’s linked here on the Monday note, where I mention you. Short link anyway is: http://wp.me/p31In3-1zX . I pinged your home page unfortunately so who knows where the old ping went…fixed that just now. One thing thoug is really bothering me. Although I’m supposed to get instant notification when you post…I receive nothing so I never know when you post until I stumble across it by chance. Have other’s mentioned this problem? Your pussy cat post just never got to me and I found it when I went to look at a place to send your poem…only I saw it on the home page and commented much later.


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  3. I feel the pain of so many e-mail, receiving almost as many every day, and the desire to read everything and respond. However, that is not possible. So, I am sorry if I have missed what is going on with your family; and I hope everything will be okay. I read as much as I can, but, as you know, there is only so much time in a day.

    My other blog (True Crime and Book Reviews – what a pairing) has had a good following, but it is languishing because I would rather be at my new blog that I don’t have time for, and following “The We Drink Because We’re Poets” and many of the contributors to that blog.

    This is a very stressful and difficult month for me, and the blogosphere is my escape and my solace. My husband is a musician, and I think he understands my desire to write and how blogging fits into that. However, the real world and its responsibilities often must take priority, so I fall short in being able to show up and read and comment sometimes.

    You are one of the most prolific bloggers I follow, putting out so much great poetry and photography that I often feel a little ping of jealousy. Don’t worry, I am jealous a few other blogger/writers that keep me in awe, as well.. All of you inspire me.

    Thanks for introducing me to Baldy.


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