Group Effect: Choices (experiment)

I thought I’d try this experiment, since it kept popping into my mind all morning.  The rhyming pattern:   the first and third stanzas, rhyme at the end each line…fifth line alone.  The Second and the Fourth stanzas rhyme at the beginning of the line…fifth line alone.  So keeping this in mind it’s aabbc aabbc aabbc aabbc.  I didn’t worry about syllables or meter at this point.  Now, I’m sure this probably has a name…can anyone tell me what form it is?

I must admit, I’ve never studied poetry so iambic etc means nil to me and I don’t know the names of the forms…except what I learned from We Drink Because We’re Poets…so if someone can give me a hand naming this type of rhyme, I’d appreciate it a lot. (N.B. This is now called the Group Effect)



I thought of Robert Frost
regretting what he’d lost…
a road in a yellow wood
unsure his choice was good.
if only he knew.

Could we reflect back
Would we too regret…
Choices quickly made
Voices never raised?
if only we knew.

This my contemplation
a reflective meditation
born from your words
that fluttered like birds.
if only you knew.

Thought, dancing in circles
Aught not weigh me down
Woods divided, choices made
Should be a passing thought!
if only I knew.

5 thoughts on “Group Effect: Choices (experiment)

  1. So many different rhyming schemes. I don’t recall having seen this specific one before, but I like it. If it doesn’t have a name, I think you have the right to name it.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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