Free Verse: Words

Free Verse


I guess that I
would have been
a lonely child
had not my mom
taught me to love
books and stories
fantastic songs

Words, my playmates
as I was growing,
my wonderful friends
they grew ever
more numerous
always growing

I never felt
as keenly alone
as when
I went to school
where I thought I’d be
with other’s just like me.

And now
an old lady
my love affair
as words caress
my mind
giving me orgiastic pleasure
as they fall into rhyme
telling stories
painting pictures
I can now finally share
with friends
who are just like me!

11 thoughts on “Free Verse: Words

  1. I love “Words, my playmates”. I’ve always felt incredibly lucky that all four of my children are voracious readers. I never had to think of ways to keep them entertained. (Okay, I was also grateful that they could walk the few blocks to our library!)


  2. I love this poem and the theme, Georgia. Never did I view words in such a manner but what you say is pregnant with truth. Words are great company and multiply in numbers and grows with us.

    I’m also blessed that all three of my children are avid readers of novels and great works.

    Peace and blessings,


    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Eric. I also have children who were avid readers…now they watch too much tv. But then when I was younger, i too went through a tv period.

      Have a wonderful evening,


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