Bastet’s Poetry Prompt: Choka

I like Japanese poetry…guess you all know that by now.  I like the essentialness of the form.  So, I went to look up other types of Japanese poetry to see if there might be something more to learn!

I came across a great site which I’m enjoying very much, and I thought I’d try some of these different forms. And would prompt you to do so also!

This one will be in the Choka or the long poem form and is the most classical of the Choka forms…I will be following the form used by Teagan…it’s a group of  5-7-7-5-7-7-5-5-7.

The Moth

there is no freedom
escaping from my cocoon
I must seek you once again
I am drawn to you
like a moth to a candle
circling nearer and nearer
the deadly flame calls
now my wings are scorched
why must my nature be so?





sandbox in the park
kids building fragile castles
others make a lovely cake
someone starts a fight
sand goes flying in the air
mothers quickly intervene
the children laughing
seem only to say
mothers should learn how to play!

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25 thoughts on “Bastet’s Poetry Prompt: Choka

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      • For your eyes only:

        You want me to stray
        Outside of my comfort zone
        Where wandering seems thorny
        With unsteady feet.
        I’m afraid I will get lost
        In foreign territory
        Which is why I cling
        To paths well trodden,
        If by no one else but me.


        • Alas my dear friend
          why do you so hesitate
          your talent is so clearly great
          that you need no comfort
          from pathways too familiar
          find your wings and fly
          even though a kitty
          what a pity if you don’t


          • If kitties could fly
            It would be raining all day
            With long feathers and cat hair
            And cause a big mess.
            Skies would be a battlefield
            Once contained upon the ground,
            And respite for birds
            In freedom of flight
            Would be clipped by kitty claws.


          • 🙂
            but indeed the mice
            have wings to fly and we cats
            are more important then bats…
            fur balls falling down
            on unwary passersby
            could be a bit serious
            then there’s the birds
            to be considered
            alas, alas…sigh
            wisdom is that kitty’s walk!


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  4. Nice one… if only we could get some of those mothers to intercede when politicians play their sandbox games….I tacked a Choka onto my story for the We Drink Short Story Prompt… too many prompts too little time… lol


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