We Drink Inspiration: Of Fig Leaves

Thursday Poetry Prompt #15: Invent a Form!

Well, I don’t know if this already exists or not,   It’s 4 quatrains…with an added fifth Haiku type 5 syllable line at the end of each quatrain similar to the Haiku “cutting phrase”, and a fifth quatrain, at the end of the poem, in free verse.

The rhyming pattern is particular: aabbc aabbc aabbc aabbc abcd, but the first and third quatrains rhyme on the last word – the second and the fourth quatrain rhyme on the first word, “the cutting phrase and the last quatrain have no rhymes –  the last quatrain is completely in free verse.

Unless someone can say differently, I’ll call this The Group Effect…in honor of the Group that’s been stimulating me so much.

the fig leaf

Of Fig Leaves

We together one summer day,
Through the country we wound our way,
We laughed and shot some photographs,
Shooting fields and trees near the path,
And the day was young.

I stopped beside an old fig tree,
By the path it stood in bright green.
Taking quite a few close-up shots.
Making comments as I worked,
Thinking of a rhyme.

I talked to you about my blog
And how I like to clear the fog
Of illogical stories told,
Passed as history, but fool’s gold.

Asking why figs were interesting,
Masking my glee I just replied:
Biblical verse makes me ponder,
Quizzical questions I must pose
Your eyes opened wide.

You laughed at once remembering,
The burns you got from fig leaf sap
you too then speculated of the effects
of fig leaves on sensitive private parts!

21 thoughts on “We Drink Inspiration: Of Fig Leaves

  1. it is hard when setting out to invent a form to be sure of originality… I am very unsure about my own attempts I am still unsure about the Timber but my current attempt the Monorhyme Sonnet I’m not so sure about…


    • I’m not sure if a monorhyme sonnet exists either…my problem is not really knowing forms and never using them except in prompts I just ignore what exists or doesn’t exist…but, actually I think with all the bazillion things put together it doesn’ really matter. I just hope the poem is readable! 😉


  2. I created mine quite by accident lol!

    And the name of it…. let’s see if you, dear cat, can pick up on the significance 😉

    Love this one though…. so many interesting elements 😀


  3. aabbc aabbc aabbc aabbc abcd… how do you keep it all straight??? Amazing. Great job with inventing a really interesting and unique (to me anyways) form!


    • Thanks…beginning to think it is pretty unique at that…it seemed so to me and even Sahm King says it’s unique! 🙂 as for keeping it straight…secret…got distracted as happens living with other people and had to leave composition in the middle…when I came back, I’d forgotten I was doing a beginning line rhyme and got all upset because the last words didn’t rhyme…go figure!


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