Free Verse: Impression


Impressionists! I loved them all
Paul Gaughan or Vincent Van Gogh
and oh
Paul Signac or Georges Seurat;
those pointillists who made
with lots of little dots
impressions of people and of parks
in tenuous or vibrant colors!

Whilst I played today
with a faded, out of focus, photograph
trying to see what could be done…
dots of color came to fore!
And there it was
a sailboat with a spinnaker
in a sea of blue and green.

It’s not a masterpiece
no subtle work by Seurat
But it was fun to recreate
dotty art without a brush.

original photo

10 thoughts on “Free Verse: Impression

  1. A true work of art. Just as it was understood the Pointillists to map the world. They reduced the light into its component parts and put the colors next to each other. And in the eye of the beholder, the color points put back together into a whole. As for your picture. It really pleases me very well, many thanks for that.


      • It’s always a great pleasure to me if I can go to a museum. I try, I will always take half a day to visit. And I have made ​​many visits. I am not only interested in a particular art direction, but the fresh colors and the positive repercussions of the Impressionists do, always a big impression. Yes, apparently we both have the same favorites.


        • I too like many artist directions, but my youngest and so first love were/are the impressionists…you must visit the Mart in Rovereto if you have time when you’re here, and there is lovely exhibitions at the “Rocca” Museum of Riva…don’t know though in September what will be on show.


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