The Community Storyboard Prompt: The Stranger

Community Storyboard Prompt: Stranger

The Stranger

some people looked and sniggered
never having seen such a sight
his clothes were so strange
his hair and eyes so different
he walked too stiffly
he talked too loudly
the children, wanted to touch him
the old ladies just gawked
whispered they, as he drove off
in that strange horseless carriage
a dusty but new Land-Rover.

6 thoughts on “The Community Storyboard Prompt: The Stranger

  1. Stranger in a different land…I feel the same way when I see a Hummer. Those things have no business on the road. The people who drive them are just as strange…so tiny and frail looking. Still smiling at your description of the stranger! 😀


    • If you think they’re rediculous in your neck of the woods, think about a country which still has medieval sized roads, mountain roads wide enough for two Fiats at most and as big as the state of Florida with a population of 56 million people…glad you like the description.


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