Silly Poem: Country Bumpkins

chickens on the road

Silly country bumpkins,
walking in the road,
flapping and a squawking
never going home…
They’d came into the city
seeking out
fancy food,
maybe some excitement,
something that was new.
Rooster and his harem,
moseyed them along
with stoic chicken phlegm
in the middle of disaster!
Then the farmer came.
He called out to his wife:
“Our chickens are in the road!”
and so, she too came out
they tried to round them up.
They ran in all directions
it was a sight to see,
a slap-stick comedy!
would have laughed I’m sure.
They dodged
the passing cars
and with their short wings flew,
until they found the gate
that led them to their coop.
After this adventure
with a happy ending,
I continued my daily walk,
tickled by the chicken feathers
of silly country bumpkins.

3 thoughts on “Silly Poem: Country Bumpkins

    • No, though my heart was in my throat for them on a couple of occasions. The cars just speeded along as Italians always speed along…the chickens would flap about…a crazy situation. I didn’t say, but this took place in a residential area of Padoua, where two small farms have been “globalized”. Someone had left the gate opened and Mr. Rooster and his ladies thought they’d go for a walk.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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