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Monday Poetry Prompt #16: Introduce a Poet

Prompt: Pick a poet!  What does that mean?  That means, of all the poets that you follow, or all the poets that follow you, choose one and highlight one piece of theirs on your own blog!  There’s a little bit more to this prompt than just sharing.  The point of highlighting is to stretch your thoughts.  When you’ve chosen the piece you wish to highlight, tell us a little bit about the piece.  Why do you like the piece you chose?  What do you think the piece means?  How does the piece make you feel?


Tanka (brat)

16 Jul 2013 -Tanka

born an Air Force brat.
moving town to town to town –
the eyes kept open.
letting go with practiced hand,
a different sort of outcast.

I’d already appreciated Ye Olde Foole’s capacity to write Senyru and Tanka. He’s an artist in writing the “essential” in an elegant and moving manner.

This poem however, spoke directly to my heart and memory.  In these 31 syllables he told of his childhood, born into an Air Force family.  I could relate completely with that moving from town to town, always eyes wide open, looking to find a possible connection, having to move on and give up friends and familiar territory, yet again.  The feeling of somehow being an outcast an outsider, never quite fitting in anywhere due to the life his parents had chosen to live. Basically, he told in 31 syllables not only of his childhood, but of my own.  I don’t know about Ye Olde Foole, but even now, the feeling of being, well just a little on the outside of things, still follows me.  The memories came back to me in a flood  inspiring a Tanka and a Poem.

Tanka: Simply Water

I read your Tanka…

thoughts as simple as water

ripple through my soul

leaving subtle memories

raw under the morning sun.

Recently Ye Olde Foole has left his comfort zone of the brief gems…working on new forms and experimenting, he has confirmed his talent…he’s a great poet, straight forward poet…go have a look, by clicking on the link: Ye Olde Foole!

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